About Powered Prep

Are any of us ready for the grid to go down? On July 2012 the Earth narrowly avoided a potentially civilization ending Coronal Mass Ejection. With all of our businesses, payment transactions, and assorted other things kept in the cloud how would you have coped with that all being down for even 48 hours? During the visa outage in europe people weren’t quite in panic but they were in disarray, unable to buy products and carry out their normal day to day routine.

According to experts in the electricity field an extended power outage such as that in N America in 2003 is an inevitability at some point in the future. The grid is very reliable however due to the behaviour of complex systems, aging infrastructure and the possibility for several small problems to cascade into a crisis the grid or part of it is extremely likely to fail over a long term horizon.

Why prepare for such a low risk scenario though? Aside from the obvious point that somewhere in the world a low risk scenario becomes a high danger environment with alarming frequency even if it never happens at “home”. The main reason for me is that the electric grid and internet represents our main central point of failure and dependency which causes simple problems to become far more unbearable and/or potentially dangerous.

By way of introductions I’m Harry from the east of England, good old Albion. I share this blog with Emmanuel a 15 year old kid who is living through the very thing we all prepare for. Born and raised in Venezuela a good portion of his life has been witnessing the complete economic destruction of his country. What surprised me is how the average person is almost in denial and trying to carry on living a normal life.

You can read Emmanuel’s introduction here. (It’s been pretty hard for him to produce these articles as his electricity is so intermittent)

The goal of Powered Prep is to try and figure out solutions that aid survival in a situation such as Emmanuel is living through. The other important goal is we’re going to find a way to improve Emmanuel’s life. I live rurally so a lot of the ideas I have simply don’t work for Emmanuel as he lives in an urban environment. However if you live in an urban area Emmanuel’s experience is probably going to be very useful to you. Other prepper fantasies have been both on the money on some things and missed the mark on some of the more mad max scenarios. I want to find ways to cut through the endless gear buying process and focus on what gear really makes a difference, and what skills replace needing to buy that gear in the first place.

Me, Harry, in sunny Albion trying to learn how to take selfies