A journey towards a new life

A journey towards a new life

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After living a disease that almost killed me and being saved by a friend who lives more than 4812 miles away. Many things were around my head that easily a young man like me is not easy to digest. In spite of everything, finally outside the hospital, the crisis did not need to wait for it to be noticed. Everything was worse than I expected when I left that room in which I spent a little over a month.

After leaving every minimum medicine of the operation and being fully aware of what was happening, I realized how much I wanted to leave Venezuela at that time, as if something in the sky called God or called in any way existed there came a call to my house with the reason of giving us the opportunity to go from shit to something better

I had no choice but to turn to my distant friend again, I know that my friendship is becoming a bit tedious but he is the only person who could help me out of there with my mother with her monetary support, where she could somehow give me the money to be able to leave Venezuela with only one suitcase between my mother and me, which was what we had left of value, some old clothes and my old school shoes that instead of a sole contained a piece of cardboard to not hurt me.

I continued on my way to Colombia and after that I arrived at the house where they were waiting for me, I can say with tranquility that this environment is the same as my country, there is nothing different, neither the air, nor the sun, nor even the ground. But it was not the same. Nor will it be. I saw new faces around me, many of them unpleasant of my existence or my presence in that place.

I cannot say anything bad about Colombia, it is a good country after all, but there is a bit of extremist xenophobia within it. We Venezuelans have been victims or guilty of many things here, among which are xenophobia, violence and bullying to people my age. Colombian customs are almost equal to Venezuelans, besides that, making friends becomes a little more difficult when you are not known to anyone and especially when you have nothing to offer to the society around you.

After a month in Colombia I was able to start classes, my mother got a job and together with an uncle we began to see how everything momentarily changed. After this, I saw how my uncle left overnight without warning and my mother was left alone with all the expenses, including my school, the expenses of the house and food services. Thanks to this the money only yields to pay for the services and some debts that we are making along the way of the month. So buying food again is a challenge for us, this time there is food available, but there is no money to buy it, so for now we are solving as we can to be able to eat each week.

We went from living in a place where there is no food or money, to one where there is no money, my mother spends it mostly doing overtime to be able to earn additional money for our food. We barely managed to eat a pure rice or something in the week. I think the test is not over yet. We can’t make many friends around here, just a few people smile at us with hypocrisy and others look at us with pity.

The truth is I do not know if traveling to one country like the United States, United Kingdom or Spain is the same, but here we are not welcome in any way, any minimal error and they want to get rid of where you live, it is preferable to have the money to Pay the rent and eat nothing, than buy some food and pay them one day late. The irony is that it would be better to owe a mafia, who would have understanding with your situation to an ordinary person who believes that he will always be right and that no one needs anything but themselves.

My journey or my stay in Colombia has just begun, I do several activities a day like reading, practicing math or learning programming, these things assure me that I can have a good future with my mother when I get a job in some way. Thanks to a friend of Harry right now I can earn something extra a month to help my mother who by the way I do not spend much time with her now.

To you, my dear companions and followers of life travel I hope you find this story a bit interesting as it is for me, new challenges are coming to my life, so I am doing my best to perform my best and ensure a good Future for my family. Thanks Harry for everything, and everyone who has so far been interested in some way in my story. Sad, long, but real.


Hello; My name is Emmanuel I am 15 years old and I really want to tell you everything I live and feel in a crisis. Through anecdotes and things that I have gone through and lived. I want to achieve with this that each one of you not only learn to survive in a crisis, but also to be better people every day. And above all; to be happy.

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