Emmanuel’s Ambitions

Emmanuel’s Ambitions

Things are busy right now. I keep asking Emmanuel to get his blog post done, but he has exams and other assorted survival stuff on top. So I thought I’d post about his ambitions. Emmanuel has wanted to be a famous DJ for a while now. He mixes lyric stubs he finds online with his own melodies and tracks. I bought him a PC for christmas because he had to leave his old one in Venezuela but it’s not powerful enough to do any proper mixes at the moment until he can afford some extra RAM. This is his channel:


So this is a little reminder that even in a crisis it’s not just a bunch of faceless people fighting for survival, it’s people who want to make a difference to the world. It’s funny Emmanuel always says he tries to make happy songs so people can feel uplifted even when they’re sad. I don’t get it personally, I’d be making sad songs lol. I grew up listening to Slipknot, Sum 41, and The Offpsring. He listens to Jonas Aiden and Illenium. I used to play test drive 5 with winamp playing slipknot in the background and then try and alt-tab back to the desktop when my playlist ended. Simpler times.

You know what though, if this post highlights one thing it’s that if you’ve been spending all your time hustling making $ and you’ve neglected to do that creative hobby. Do it. The last thing I want to do is die and say I never finished that novel because I spent all my life working. I planned to have my grandad be the first to read my novel, and he died before I’ve finished it. So now I’m making sure I get those last 10k words in. I don’t even care if it sells. So many people say they’re going to finish something and never do it. Don’t wait for the crisis to hit before you realize you have ambitions.

Emmanuel’s Note: I can say that even today I can’t forget that doctor that I forgot to thank, a man who really can have changed my life in different ways with just a talk, a person who taught me a lot and besides That, with his dedication except my life. Greetings to my friend Jesús Escalante. Someday you will read this.


I'm Harry, just casually prepping for the next year 2000 fuel protests, brexit, solar CME... Live like tomorrow will be great, but prepare for it to not be.

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