Everything Just Got Worse – Bug Out

Everything Just Got Worse – Bug Out

So up until recently the electricity where Emmanuel lives has been intermittent but people struggled through. Businesses adapted, people changed how they work. It might not be fun but people can find equilibrium in a new normal to some degree.

Then the last week or two Emmanuel didn’t show up online for days, and it turns out the whole area was without power for 4 days or more. That doesn’t sound so bad until you realize the economic devastation that occurs when critical infrastructure goes down. During the UK fuel protests & blockades in the year 2000 it took around 5 days for the economy to really start to fall apart and the first half of that people had plenty of fuel in their tanks. What has happened is all the businesses around Emmanuel have started closing up. The butchers gave away all their remaining meat for free before it goes off, which gave Emmanuel food poisoning for a day or two. Some people say it is the US sanctions kicking in. The government is sacrificing everything to keep Caracas running and the rest of the country can fall apart.

This development scares me, hundreds of thousands of hungry people with pretty much no jobs left in a congested city area. It was already dangerous before, I think it’s about to get 100x worse. What I said to Emmanuel is…


It’s time to bug out at any cost. Hunter gatherers are known for avoiding the worst effects of drought because they are so mobile. I sent Emmanuel some money to get out into the countryside and meet up with some relatives. I don’t know if he’ll make it, I hope he does. I think the bottom line with prepping is if things get bad enough you need to be away from cities. What preppers don’t tell you is how hard it is. Emmanuel’s mother and brother can’t follow him right now for a number of family reasons, so he’ll have to meet back up with them later. You know what it’s fucked up hearing him say how he’ll miss his mother, and he trusts my judgement. The truth is I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I think if he gets close to people who grow food his chances of survival are 1000x higher. My prime directive is to keep him alive, but I don’t want to wreck a family either. Hopefully his mother and brother follow him down there soon enough. It would be a very messed up situation if it gets worse and they can’t/don’t follow him out because they run out of food or water.

What I think is important to remember is cities are artificial constructs that require massive inputs of raw materials from the countryside. They are also full of people all completely dependent on those inputs whose only alternative is to take your stuff to survive if it gets bad. There’s nothing wrong with prepping to survive urban SHTF but know that there is only so much you can do until you need to get close to nature because nature is where all the things you need to survive are made. Most moderate intensity SHTF scenarios are survivable in the city. When I start to see all the businesses shut down though, I think it’s too far gone. They close fast, and they open slowly. But people get hungrier and more desperate by the day. They would kill you over a cell phone before, soon they’ll probably kill over a scrap of bread.

I’m mostly emotionally numb from the PTSD from coming too close to death too many times, but this stuff affects me somewhat. I think it’s because I’m trying so hard to keep him alive, I feel kind of responsible. Oh yeah, and it turns out we almost share a birthday save for a matter of hours. That blew his mind.

I’m just gonna say here to governments and businesses DO YOU SEE YET? Do you see what happens when you rely on centralized infrastructure? You think you’re so smart running everything in the cloud and on Visa cards. Those cost savings are great until one minor error cascades into this fuck up. Oh yeah guess what, today the biggest DDOS prevention platform cloudflare is experiencing massive outages, which means massive chunks of the internet are offline. Isn’t that poetic? Yet I know that next year every piece of dangerous reliance on central networks will be worse. In 5 years time Alexa will probably be personally able to take out half of the retail industry due to a one line bug exploited by a 13 year old in a basement. Of course no one will see it coming and it all looks so cozy and safe from your sofa when you can control the heating from your phone.

You need to remember the government is always there to help you until it isn’t. Then you’ll never feel more alone when you realize it’s just you, your skills, and whatever you can carry.


I'm Harry, just casually prepping for the next year 2000 fuel protests, brexit, solar CME... Live like tomorrow will be great, but prepare for it to not be.

2 thoughts on “Everything Just Got Worse – Bug Out

  1. In the countryside, he may fare better. Honestly, it is a common tactic to survive this way. If he is young, healthy and has a strong back, he can even be of some use and gain some station. Unfortunately, you may not hear from him again for weeks, to months at a time. Wish him well.

    1. Yeah I haven’t heard from him at all. He left me one article to clean up and post. It is worrying, I just know that he needs to move where the food is. When Cuba went through it’s crisis the majority of the population returned to farming. What really sticks in my head is him saying “I don’t want to be a farmer”, and trying to explain to him that it’s not so bad and it doesn’t have to be forever. It’s better than slowly dying in the city.

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