Photographing Collapse

Photographing Collapse

So Emmanuel’s electricity situation has been getting progressively worse. When he finally made it online he said he’d been getting periods of 5-15 minutes here and there of electricity. Frankly I don’t know how anybody would preserve food in such a hot country with such intermittent electricity if they had any to preserve. Being a butcher must be horrible right now.

So I decided to photograph the collapse that occurs all around us all the time in a continual cycle of collapse to rebirth. The places people don’t notice because they are too busy rushing to work and back. Unfortunately the abandoned World War 2 fort I wanted to get inside is all fenced off, but I will try and get an appointment at some point.

And one from somebody else:


I'm Harry, just casually prepping for the next year 2000 fuel protests, brexit, solar CME... Live like tomorrow will be great, but prepare for it to not be.

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