Water and the dictatorship of opinion

Water and the dictatorship of opinion

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Water is one of the most important issues for all humanity; it is a vital resource that everyone needs to survive. A well-functioning country would have to provide drinking water to each of its inhabitants. But for Venezuela at this time we can not say that we are in a situation of drinking water that favors us. Putting this together with the crisis we are experiencing; I feel that we will really die here.

Every day of the week at this moment they are removing the electric service and the water. Throughout the day absolutely; now they only leave the water at night. Where it is necessary to store it in tanks and water basins in order to survive the next day.

People trying to collect water from a broken water pipe

There are people in Venezuela who admit that they have lived all their lives without drinking water. Whether asking for water from a neighbor; or collecting it from rivers with water that is not very drinkable. I pity these things; Think about how young children drink contaminated water from streams that surely has all kinds of dirty things. (Note from Harry: This really depends where you live, some streams have better water than city water. The most common contaminant is farm chemical runoff. Obviously building a water filter is a good idea. This is definitely something I would buy as one of my first preps though. Also might be worth printing out a map of local streams and scoping them out. Lack of water will kill you faster than anything.)

Venezuela has endured problems like these. From water faults, electricity, internet (almost always fails) and now food. It surprises me how people get used to being mediocre or conformist with respect to the situation that we have to live. I’m not saying that the solution is to go out to protest on the streets; go out to really assert what one deserves.

Venezuela has been a worker as a country; It has tried to progress and I know about that. Until today I am surprised as professionals with very depressing salaries continue in their profession. From teachers with salaries that do not even reach 2 kilos of cheese, to doctors who charge a salary that barely reaches a kilo of rice and a kilo of meat (being optimistic).

I do not know why people are still working. Either because that is their vocation and they have appreciation, or because they have no other means of earning money. But to continue working for an unworthy salary; after having worked their hind legs off studying; It is not something very nice that anyone would like to live.

(Note from Harry: This is probably my biggest takeaway from everything Emmanuel has said. If you to want to get ahead, stay alive, prepping and being ready to adapt to any situation is a huge benefit. It’s the mindset that counts I think almost as much as the skills and items. The items will get you through a short term problem, the mindset will allow you to drop everything and move location or vocation before everyone else notices everything has gone downhill. Most people are so emotionally attached to their lives or what they remember of their lives that they will stay put until it’s beyond obvious that they need to do something different. I can’t seem to get Emmanuel to embrace and enjoy the hunting, I have no idea why, I find it very primitive and grounding/meditative.)

If I consider myself as a teenager, being a student is something that not everyone is capable of doing today in Venezuela. Imagine being the teacher who gets up early each morning thinking about what to do in classes; in which you have to correct 20 or 40 exams. In which you have to render an account to the ministry regarding its content. All this is difficult.

It is not easy to work here, when all services fail, when the security situation does not help; when the country looks worse every day, when innocent people die every day because of criminals, because of wanting to defend their country. When friends that you thought would be for a lifetime betray you, when the couple you love most moves away from you because they no longer love you. Common disappointments that help add even more depression here.

People trying to collect water from a sewer system (clean)

As I say the water at this time is rationed almost every day, the most difficult and impressive of all is that nobody thinks anything about that. The water is coming out dirty; sometimes with the chemical content that must be added to it to be able to drink it in a safe way.

In the hospital, the necessary devices are needed to work. Surgical devices, medicines and pills of all kinds. Neither pay for things in my city. People have to go abroad to buy the products at a high price. Many ask on the bus as beggars so they can buy medicine that is when you see how it is to live in a country in crisis.

In the face of depression, of sadness, of impotence of a poor old man with a disease; who wants a cure. In the face of an unemployed father looking for money to buy medicines for his son, a son looking for medicines for his mother. They are many faces, many stories, a lot of sadness. A lot of impotence that we all see and live this.

Yes they only see my face of annoyance every time the blessed light goes away. But it is an impotence that would scare anyone. I do not say that others do not live it but I still stress. Fuck; One of them struggles on his part in helping his family get ahead, as is what I am trying to study and working in this way to inform you. And I am not even able to complete my blessed work because of the problems with electricity; the internet and all the blessed services of this country. That they do not work for absolutely nothing.

Each rationing is a new way of damaging things, of wasting time in some way or another because I have no money to buy a book. How sad. I do not know what feelings this is provoking in you, men, women, adolescents, and people of legal age, anyone who has the time to read all these articles of a person who is in danger in his life. Not only me; if not my family, my friends, and all the people who live in this country. With the risk of dying with a stray bullet, dying of hunger, dying of some disease, dying of depression. And that every day more people want to kill themselves, they want to go. Where it is normal to see your childhood friend leave the country with the sadness in his eyes and the possible. Soon we will see each other, we all know that it will not be like that. That until then everything arrived; that you have to fight yourself to get YOU and YOUR FAMILY to flee from here. Because it is not the safest thing that you die waiting for someone to do something; or to the minimum your own nation to fix the problems.

Elderly people, in line to be able to collect their sad pension


Hello; My name is Emmanuel I am 15 years old and I really want to tell you everything I live and feel in a crisis. Through anecdotes and things that I have gone through and lived. I want to achieve with this that each one of you not only learn to survive in a crisis, but also to be better people every day. And above all; to be happy.

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  1. Next, to the lack of water for their whole lives, this is the saddest line, ” I have no money to buy a book.” I have mountains of books in my home literally taking over my living room. I can not sell them for even a penny because no one wants them. I would send them for free to someone that would like them, but I fear my government would not appreciate that. Inflation in the US is no where near what it is in your country. However, when I was 20 (the year 2000) bread was 25 cents to 50 cents. Expensive bread was a dollar. Now the cheapest bread is $1 where I live and the expensive bread $5. In twenty years the price quadruples. How without bad inflation? If you use the rule of 72, it is well above the 2% our government says. Not to say that it compares to your situation at all…just saying all governments lie at the beginning of the crisis until they can lie no more. Mine can still lie is all..because people are not starving to death really and for the most part most people can get medicine.

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