Suicidal thoughts and problems

Suicidal thoughts and problems

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It is normal in the life of each of you to have problems, right? That’s what life is for me; that problems arrive that you have to solve. Common problems; money, family, friendships, life in general. Here I do not have to say that it is worse; In a crisis there are more important problems. The common problems of money become stronger; every day much stronger. The food problems; strained relations with relatives increase thanks to the stress generated by the simple fact of not having money.

Each of these things creates in people problems that did not exist before, problems that they did not imagine living, things that surely they did not imagine they would ever feel. All this influences what the person thinks in general, their happiness, their efficiency, their life in a few words.

But how does a national crisis affect a person? The first thing that obviously affects is their way of living and their economy. It is not the same to live in a first world country with a minimum wage, to live in a Third World country in crisis with another minimum wage. The fact that the prices of things are rising thanks to inflation makes the person change their habits. Among the most common is that you start eating less, you buy less things with any left over money for example clothes, electronic and others. Another thing is that I would start trying to save basic services. I would buy less food if I have to, and I would stockpile when I can, which is what I have seen recommended. You never know when an economic bomb really explodes that will leave your country bankrupt.

(Note from Harry: I have to include this here because Emmanuel didn’t realize maybe because of his age, but his mother is finding it very hard. Emmanuel fights with her a lot and I think a lot of that is because she feels bad that the money she gets paid is worthless and can’t buy food for her kids and the emotions flood out. She’s trying to hide him from the crisis and failing and I guess that hurts even more than living through it on your own.)

Venezuelan banknotes; you can not buy anything with this money

Many people trust the support of other countries. I assure you that this is completely false, that is like in every day life when people only approach you when they want a favor or when you are well, but very few really stay with you when you are in a difficult situation and that is something that we cannot deny. The human by his very nature is like this since very small for example the child who stops crying when a sweet is given, or when he is promised something that he likes.

All of these things teach us that in the world it is good to get along with people, from time to time people will do you favors out of courtesy and that is something that should be learned in a crisis. Learn to help that neighbor who does not have anything to eat. Maybe one day they will make an important exchange that could save your life. I do not know if they have done it before. But now here in my country it became common to give others what they need. For example you have some rice and I do not have any, I have a little onion and you do not have any. Each one gives a little of what he has not so that everyone has a little and a little. You see?

In this way we live in a crisis, as it should be done in a society; be supportive to everyone. When they need it so they can be with you. I understand the fact that many have the thought that if my neighbors do not like me, that if they do not, why would I do it? But come on, those are thoughts of resentful school children. Right now if you are in a crisis; They are about to live it or they just want to be prepared. It is important that you take these tips into account. It is important to make friends. It is not just about learning to hunt birds, survive a gunshot or how to endure hunger for 2 days in a row.

This is not a book of personal motivation, nor of influencing people. But have not you noticed the following? Normally people are accustomed to having to study in order to be someone in life; to go far. But an experiment they did long ago determined that the people who spent most of their time making friends in school usually went further than those who only strived to be good students; to get good grades and above all to be a person they call “smart”.

I want you to know that more than anyone else, I want all of you not to go through this situation without living; of wanting to commit suicide for believing at some point in his life that this is the best solution. But I will tell you the truth; it is not. It is normal to feel the feeling of wanting to die because everything is too difficult because it seems you “have no way out” but I want you to know that there always will be. Never stop fighting for every day to live better.

People just need a little advice to survive this situation, mental strength and above all, a lot of commitment with yourselves. This is the best I can tell you, survive, a test, a problem, it’s the best you can have. Because that’s what life is about. To solve, to learn, to enjoy the way to what you want, peace, happiness, despite the goals that each one has. Either have a family, have a lot of money, many friends, fame, everyone is different in what they want. I think what all humans have in common is that we desire personal peace; the tranquility, the happiness with ourselves with our surroundings and our life.

Inflation of Venezuela in August 2018


Hello; My name is Emmanuel I am 15 years old and I really want to tell you everything I live and feel in a crisis. Through anecdotes and things that I have gone through and lived. I want to achieve with this that each one of you not only learn to survive in a crisis, but also to be better people every day. And above all; to be happy.

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