Food Scarcity and Communication

Food Scarcity and Communication

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Something that every living being needs to survive is food; this I know all too well. That is what I have been taught at school. They have told me much and yet I have little left. I have more important things to think about, feel and need to know. In a crisis, what you need is to open your eyes and be aware of everything that happens.

Something that I have seen that is common for many people taking advantage of the situation is simply repeating things that are not true, things that are not true. Things that come out of the language of an ignoramus and the only thing that is done is to repeat itself and repeat itself so as not to appear ill-informed. I tell you it is important to be really informed of the situation; rather than looking like a misinformed person. To pretend to be an ignorant person who only repeats things that are not true. What would that do? Yes, when you really say something that is real nobody would believe you. Should not you think that? That phrase says you should take 10 seconds before speaking to think what you’re going to say very well.

I can say it, it’s important. Too important, to be in touch with the rest of the people, with news that can help you survive in a country in crisis. Take for example the following case that I saw here in my city a few weeks ago. An ordinary driver bought a communication device, a Walkie-talkie to communicate with their respective head of transport, and another did not want to buy it because it cost money that they did not want to spend.

Days later demonstrations broke out in my city where it is common to burn vehicles that pass through the place without any kind of mercy in protest against the dictatorship of this government. What happened? Through the walkie-talkie the transport company informed its workers that they will safeguard their vehicles and not to pass through that place that was the usual route since they would burn their vehicle. Instead; the other who was not informed stayed on the usual course and was the vehicle was attacked by protestors.

Then this is the case. Communication is very important in these cases, whatever it is, a charged cell phone, a radio or like in this case a simple Walkie-talkie. (Note from Harry: Walkie Talkies aren’t really a simple prep, in many countries to get something worthwhile that transmits over distance requires a license. What is worth highlighting is that Emmanuel has said it matters a lot which cell provider you are with, as one of them is backed up with generator power and another is not. Could be worth looking into dual SIM phones?) A simple act of communication can define whether you will be alive or not. This is important and vital; It can not be missed for any reason.

Food is the reason that Venezuela is considered one of the countries that nobody wants to live because they are used to eating something, eating well, and eating 3 TIMES A DAY as an ordinary person. For many here this has become a luxury. Many teenagers including me start the day without breakfast, going to school to get knowledge that in a few words will not help at all. Simply to give us a title that will allow us to earn the same as a person who has never in his life wanted to study and spent his time wandering in his house. A person who manages websites, databases and a computer as a professional, will earn the same as a person who simply cleans. It is not to reduce the work of these people but it is something that stands out. Each one invested time of his life to have that knowledge, time that must be at least recognized with a more dignified salary. That drive to live and prosper.

Surviving without food is a fact that many find interesting; Does it seem fair that a young man faints twice almost every day in the morning because he has not eaten breakfast? To a grandfather having to stand in a queue of 4 or 5 hours to find that his pension is useless, when they do not know how or cannot even take care of themselves?

Many people or countries abroad ask why many of Venezuelans support a US military intervention, but what they simply do not know is what is lived here. That’s what I want you to see through these articles. I know many of you will think what does a 15 year old know about the issue. But I can tell you with certainty that this 15-year-old has lived many things that have marked him. And they have made me mature so much; I begin to look like an adult right now.

Many from my country, including me support an intervention even though there are deaths and what has to happen for the same reason every day. Who does not get tired of waiting and waiting for an exit? It is obvious that many say that the solution is for ALL VENEZUELA to protest the streets but my question is, is that easy? Removing 34 million people from their homes is not easy. On top of this, many of them would leave with the risk of knowing what the chance of not returning alive. Of not even returning. From being kidnapped and tortured for simply wanting what every person in this life deserves. A QUIET LIFE, a life that is worth fighting for, of progressing, of innovating, of creating to make EVERY DAY this world a better place.

We know that it is not easy to invade another’s territory. And most of all with international opinion. The United Nations, powers like Russia I know. But we need it; anyone who wanted to free every Venezuelan from this sadness that invades us in one way or another on a daily basis would be a hero. No matter what others think; It is the right thing and only the right thing.

Babies, children, pregnant women, adolescents, adults, seniors. Surviving things that they never thought they would ever have to live. Many crying for not having to eat, to live, mothers crying for not having to dress their children, teenagers and children enduring hunger as normal. Many without saying anything so as not to feel sorry in a society that sometimes criticizes itself. Instead of helping. (Note from Harry: this is a prepper blog, so it’s worth pointing out that the animal population are not over hunted yet. People are starving with food flying over their heads. I taught Emmanuel how to trap pigeons and he seemed to have no trouble doing it. In fact people thought he was weird to do it, even while everyone goes hungry. People just don’t seem capable to adapt that quickly, I get the feeling many are in denial. The United States would be a massively different scenario because so many people hunt regularly there.)

We need help, in any way. We do not know if it is a divine punishment, if it is a lesson for all of us. We only know that we want to get out of this, that every day is worse and worse. It’s so hard, the tears come from just knowing that all this is lived by innocent people who do not have to live this. People who have been good and deserve a good life. People who have studied to be professionals; wanting to commit suicide. Fuck; it is not easy.

All this is lived in a crisis; and this is only a beginning.


Hello; My name is Emmanuel I am 15 years old and I really want to tell you everything I live and feel in a crisis. Through anecdotes and things that I have gone through and lived. I want to achieve with this that each one of you not only learn to survive in a crisis, but also to be better people every day. And above all; to be happy.

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